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Professional Tree Removal in Chester County, PA


We love trees but realize that sometimes removing them is necessary.

Boot Road Tree Service can remove a tree efficiently and safely, regardless of the size or location. Whether the tree is out in the open or hanging over valuable property, we employ the best equipment and modern techniques to take your tree down safely and affordably.

When to Remove a Tree

Trees that are in trouble and need to be removed will show signs such as dead and hanging branches, spreading fungi around the base, large cracks in the trunk, peeling bark, and noticeable cavities in the trunk. If you spot any of these signs in your trees, call Boot Road Tree Service immediately.

Tree removal is a far better alternative than letting a tree die out, particularly because the tree’s death can have an impact on the rest of your lawn. Decay is always a risk factor for vermin and other insects invading your property, and it’s best to have it removed before it becomes diseased.

Reasons for Tree Removal in Chester County, PA:

Don’t wait until it’s too late to have a tree removed.

Trees that are diseased, decayed, or dying are a at risk of falling and represent serious safety hazards. Boot Road Tree Service can take care of this liability for you. We offer fully insured tree removal service throughout the Chester County, PA area.

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Is your leaning tree dangerous?

While predicting if a tree poses a threat can be difficult, we can assess the many potential factors that will cause a tree to fall, including rot or decay, root lift, fungal growth, or insect infestation. While removal is sometimes the only option, when possible, we will take measures to mitigate the danger while preserving the tree.

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Not a do-it-yourself job

Tree Removal presents unique challenges that can pose a high degree of risk. Attempting to remove a tree yourself can be hazardous to your health and to your property. When not handled properly, chainsaws can be extremely dangerous and they cause thousands of injuries each year. Also, if the tree falls in the wrong direction, it can result in significant damage to your property or your neighbor’s.

Experienced Tree Removal Professionals

If you need tree removal in Chester County, PA, it is best left to the professionals at Boot Road Tree Service. Our experienced team uses the safest and most effective tree removal techniques available. We are equipped and capable of climbing and rigging down sections one at a time, safely removing the problem trees from your property. We also work with cranes or bucket trucks for larger trees or trees that are too dangerous to climb. 

As part of the tree removal process, we chip up all the brush and haul it away. Boot Road Tree Service crews takes pride in leaving the job site neat and clean and all of our work is fully insured.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We cannot give enough praise for the quality work that Brian and his Team provided. They removed five trees from our property and the work was performed at a realistic price and performed in a professional manner. You could barely tell that the trees were removed as the clean-up was exceptional. Thank you.
John R.
Brian and his crew removed several 100+ ft oaks from our property. Brian was quick to come out for an estimate, and he and his crew did a fantastic job removing the trees. The removal was safe, efficient, and affordable. We were very happy with the result and highly recommend them.
Roisen H.

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